Sunday, October 9, 2016

Give Me Liberty Blog Assignment #3

Chapter 6 pg 210 What was the impact of the Revolution on slavery?

African-Americans are inspired by the Revolution and the war of freedom. They consider that is an opportunity for themselves to get their own freedom. They start to speaking for their rights. The conflict between the slavery start at that time.  In the South, the Revolution severely disrupted slavery,

Voice of Freedom blog assignment #3

Chapter 6 pg 239. What does Abigail Adams have in mind when she refers to the "unlimited power" husbands exercise over their wives?

She believes that women are human beings, too. Her husband declared the independent of U.S. She want both male and female have the same rights, instead of male control the female with the rights from laws. At that time the women have no rights. They are forbid to go out and work. They cannot communicate with other people. The only purposes of woman is taking care of the family and the children. Husbands have the rights to divorces while women don't have that rights. Male have more power than female.

Sunday, October 2, 2016

Voice of Freedom blog assignment #2

 Chapter 5, pg 195

"why does Boucher believe that obedience to government is particularly important for christian"

He believes that against the government is against the god's will. He is a minister. He believes that people are free to do anything right. The government make laws to prevent us doing wrong thing. His view of freedom is more restrict by government. Againsting the law of a current government and being independence is disobedience to government and the god. So he thinks that all citizens especially christian should obey their government instead of resisting it.

Give Me Liberty Blog Assignment #2

Chapter 5 pg 174 "What key events marked the move toward American independence?"

The American independence movement is effected by the British. First, British troops starts to guard the towns and the British made several Acts included Tea Act and Intolerable Act which violated the rights of colonies. Since the British actions cause the colonists angry, The colonists started to resistance the British Kingdom. Patrick Henry's speech "Give me liberty, or give me death!" (1775) is credited with convincing the Virginia House of Burgesses to approve military force; so are the other colonies. Even many colonist did not seek independence at first, the speech produced the continental association. It is the first sign of the beginning of the United States. From then, the war between American colonies and British starts.